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Kodi App Kodi App

Kodi is a home-theater application, originally made for Microsoft gaming console, the Xbox´s first generation, this was called Xbox Media Center (abbreviated as ...

Omegle app Omegle app

A novelty for the generation that did not get to know the free chat rooms on the internet... and makes everyone who is older than 30 years old feel like an old man. Ma...

Pizza Hut app Pizza Hut app

Whenever you think about pizza, there are a few brands that get into your mind, but above them all, the brand of Pizza Hut is the most recognized of all. With a long h...

Applock Applock

What is AppLock? AppLock is a simple tool that allows the user to create and put in a virtual lock on almost any Android element on our mobile device. It’s mo...

Musically App Musically App is a mobile device app where you can post short videos and add whatever audio track you want and become viral around the world. This is a Chinese video soci...

Dictionary App Dictionary App

Why not try to add some culture into your apps? As a very conventional dictionary interpretation achieved, that puts at the reach of your hand, a very useful tool o...


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